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Capture memories on a trip with a Japanese stamp collection book.

When you go travell with your kids. In Japan, Did you know that many places to visit and at various train stations in Japan also have a unique seal of that place? Have the stamp collecting book ready and go to save fun memories!

In addition to drawing images of pipe caps with unique patterns in the city Another thing that should not be missed is The stamp collection of the train station is called "Eki Stamp" and the stamp of tourist attractions called "Kinen Stamp".

Many people who come to Japan have a goal in mind that they must be collected everywhere. With this chic stamp, some people also bring their own notebooks as well. While this period is becoming a trend for tourists like us Stamping the stamps into a collection book It was like a recording of our trip during the trip that "I've been here before" will pump in the notebook Or optional paper In addition, there are many notebooks designed like Passport. If you stamp the stamp down, it's more like traveling to many places.

Be Warning :

But please be warned that do not pump these stamp in your Passport Book because it is considered an official document be careful of problems with the immigration.

Where can "Eki Stamp" and "Kinen Stamp" be found?

Eki means "station", so you can go and find some stamps at various train stations. Most of the stations will have a stamp. Try to look for a corner with a table, or the corner of a washing pole in that station will have a stamp with ink provided. Some stations may have paper prepared as well. Or if it's a large station no matter how you look, you can't find it, try to ask the station staff.

In addition, 77 stations of Eki Stamp in Tokyo, Yamanote Line and others are available! They also has pictures to see which stations are unique. If you like collecting stamps, it probably takes some time.

Inktab and seal, if finished, do not forget to cover the lid as well.

Kinen means "souvenir", so when we go to a tourist place then pump the seal back to be a memorial Causing many stations to always have a "Kinen Stamp" for tourists to keep pumping for good memories as well as free souvenirs as well. In addition to tourist attractions such as museums, aquariums, castles, there are also shrines and temples as well.


Stamping a seal is another fun activity during the trip. Hunting for pump seals from various locations is like doing a mission as well. And add more enjoyment to your trip, just for Eki Stamp. Considered a good opportunity to return to Japan often.

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